Back To School

img_8589Finally after 4 months off I am back at school.  Over the first week of Term Four we have done heaps including:

  • An orienteering practice.
  • Show Don’t Tell for writing and reading.
  • Learnt about Pi, Diameter, Radius and Circumference in maths.
  • Read two picture-only books (Mirror and Window).
  • Wrote our Writers Notebook stories.
  • In specialists, PE – practiced our simple skills of throwing, catching and running, Art – completed tags and started designing our skateboards, Perfoming Arts – finished and shared news reports.

Here is a little paragraph about orienteering with Show Don’t Tell:

Mady and I set the timer and ran out with our map and stamp sheet. Map number two was spread around the school and our hearts were pumping when we slowed to a walk and grabbed map number 4. We sprinted all over the school, navigating and stamping all of the markers we could find. We were puffing and panting with red faces and the smiles on our faces were huge.

It took us 20 minutes but I think we are all ready and set for Wednesday.