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image*Flip, flip* Oh sorry I was too busy reading “Wonder” by R.J Palacio.  It’s about a ten year old boy August who suffers from a facial abnormality.  It features the life of August and his friends, enemies and siblings.  Some of the perspectives include August (boy), Olivia (Via, sister), Jack Will (friend), Justin (friend) and in some limited editions you may also get August’s enemy, The Julian Chapter!  Click on the picture and explore the website➡️!




The Beach They Called Gallipoli, Book Review

Can you imagine what it was like being in Gallipoli? No, you can’t since your imagination can not conjure up such a horrifying sight. Would you like to see your best friend die in front of you? Of course not but these boys experienced seeing millions of men die in front of them.
In this grief-stricken tale by Jackie French that brings Gallipoli to life there are photographs and drawings. This book is so realistic that it makes me feel like a soldier in the A.N.Z.A.C’s with a bullet flying towards me.
The poppies were stained with blood but now they are growing freely. Bully Beef was like ice-cream to them halfway through war since the soldiers didn’t have our yummy food. I believe the hidden message is to persist even through the toughest of times.


Type: Non-Fiction, Picture Story Book
Ages: 8+
Author: Jackie French
Illustrator:Bruce Whatley

Blueback Book Review

This book focuses on the lives of Abel Jackson and his mother Dora, who live on Longboat Bay, a crystal clear body of water coming from Robbers Head. They survive by eating abalone, fish and vegetables from their garden. Abel spends everyday out diving, playing with the fish and visiting his dad at his grave on the hilltop with the rest of his ancestors. Dora works extremely hard taking care of the house, planting and picking the veggies, fixing the bots motor and also manages to visit her husband at his grave.

Abel eventually becomes a marine biologist wanting to learn the secret of the sea. He travels the world in search of the knowledge. Sadly, on return to his home he finds that Longboat Bay is very sick and that it is up to him and his mother to rescue it.

This book tells the story of Abels amazing life from a young carefree boy to a grown man that needs to use his marine skills to save his beautiful home!
I would rate this heartwarming tale as four out of five ⭐️’s because it has a lovely hidden message: Stand up for what you believe in and fight for the right result.