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  1. This is great reading Chelsea, I really loved reading about the Anzacs and all you have learnt about Gallipoli. You seem to have a good understanding of how terrible it was and how terrifying it must have been for those brave young boys fighting and dying. Love the book reviews too, keep up the great work x

  2. Dear Chelsea,
    I loved how you included the link although i think you added a lot of information I also liked you catchy title
    From Indiana

  3. To Chelsea
    I love your header image and all of your information
    But maybe you should change scary to a more descriptive word.
    From Ella

  4. To Chelsea,
    I like all your information on your Revolting Rhyme Retell but I can’t hear your video.
    From Ella

  5. Dear Chelsea,
    I wish you could make the writing on your nature poem a bit clearer. I loved how you labeled the poems titles down the bottom to indicate what it’s about.
    From Indiana

  6. Dear Chelsea, loved your cerebral palsy storie, I was realy looking forward to reading “Mother Nature unleashed” and I thing I would have loved it if just the writting was a bit clearer.
    From Amelia.

  7. Hi! I really enjoyed reading some of your posts. I think reading your ”Lesson in Photography” post. Also when i was reading your “About Me” page I noticed that you play netball and i was wondering how do you play that?

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