Crazy Concert

img_0519Yesterday (Thursday 1st of December) at 6:30 pm we performed Danceoff/Who you know at our school concert.  We have been practicing basically the whole term and it turned out very good!  We had a practice during the day and we watched for two hours, roasting in the sun. After school we rocked up, got a sausage, sat down and enjoyed the concert.  It was loads of fun! Here is a link to a short bit of the video: img_0538

Also here is an update on my skateboard:img_0539

18th – 25th

img_9492 img_9496 img_9497Hey Guys!

This week we have done our skateboards in art, analysing data in maths with surveys and tally marks and listened to an interesting sustainability talk.

In inquiry we found our blocks of land for our passive design houses (Sophie and I chose Bright as our town).

Ceri from BOM gave us an informational talk on sustainability that we learnt a lot from.  Remember to do the little things like saving water and turning off your lights!

Here are some photos:



This week I was very busy participating in Coach Approach, playing Lacrosse in 5/6 sport,listening to Karlana Kasarik’s writing lecture, breaking my wrist in netball and working in class.  In Coach Approach on Friday we played Lacrosse, Hockey, HipHop, Frisbee, Touch Footy and Circus.  They were all heaps of fun but my broken scafoyd bone kept my exercise limited.  On Thursday we played a big game of Lacrosse with the class in 5/6 sport with Mr A. Again my wrist stopped me from playing the game.   Also on Thursday a young adults author (Karlana Kasarik) visited our school. She gave us an hour long talk about her writing passion and some story tips. In Coach Approach Hip Hop was my favourite and was heaps of fun. At the end all of the classes met back in the gym and got signatures from the athletes. This week was really fun!

Back To School

img_8589Finally after 4 months off I am back at school.  Over the first week of Term Four we have done heaps including:

  • An orienteering practice.
  • Show Don’t Tell for writing and reading.
  • Learnt about Pi, Diameter, Radius and Circumference in maths.
  • Read two picture-only books (Mirror and Window).
  • Wrote our Writers Notebook stories.
  • In specialists, PE – practiced our simple skills of throwing, catching and running, Art – completed tags and started designing our skateboards, Perfoming Arts – finished and shared news reports.

Here is a little paragraph about orienteering with Show Don’t Tell:

Mady and I set the timer and ran out with our map and stamp sheet. Map number two was spread around the school and our hearts were pumping when we slowed to a walk and grabbed map number 4. We sprinted all over the school, navigating and stamping all of the markers we could find. We were puffing and panting with red faces and the smiles on our faces were huge.

It took us 20 minutes but I think we are all ready and set for Wednesday.

Travel Blog

Hi guys,

As you know I am away for 4 months and we have created a TravelPod blog.  The whole family contributes with it but my sister and I write and post the posts. Click here to view our blog.  See you when we get back!

Debonair Bookfair

image*Flip, flip* Oh sorry I was too busy reading “Wonder” by R.J Palacio.  It’s about a ten year old boy August who suffers from a facial abnormality.  It features the life of August and his friends, enemies and siblings.  Some of the perspectives include August (boy), Olivia (Via, sister), Jack Will (friend), Justin (friend) and in some limited editions you may also get August’s enemy, The Julian Chapter!  Click on the picture and explore the website➡️!




Jovial Just Right Books

Today I did a video on a book conference I led.  My book conference was based on my Just Right Book, The Witching Hour. Maggie (the main character) has a grandmother that is accused of being a witch.  It is the story of Maggie’s life.  Here are the results:


The Sorrowful Story Of Tom Appleby

This term my class has been reading Tom Appleby Convict Boy. The story is based on the depressing life of Tom Appleby.  I do not want to spoil it but may I say this is one of the best and most sad books I have ever read.  Here is an extract:  “Pa didn’t move.  There was a new cut on his forehead where a rock had knifed the flesh away…The sightless eye stared at nothing.”

I highly recommend this book and hope that it will be a good ending. Here is a picture of the book:


PAC Day Fun

Yesterday the whole school were divided in the gym depending on what house they were in.  All of the houses sung their song and chanted their chant.  The judges whispered with straight faces and told the school the sequence of wins. Hurst came 4th, Galloway 3rd, Devlin 2nd while Lee came 1st! Here are some pictures: