Whimsical Writers Notebook Texts

Over the last few weeks all of the year fours have been working on a writers notebook text.  I completed my first one so I did a second one.  Here are the pieces of my texts, simply click to enlarge:

Interesting Inspiration

Today my class and I explored the website CP Australia. We each chose a story from the perspective of a friend, parent, grandparent or even somebody with cerebral palsy. I chose the story “A New Start For Katie” we were put on the job to discover the life message in the text. Click here for the story. Here is my slideshow based on my chosen story:

Fun Run Friday

image“Beep, Beep, Beep! Thank-you everyone for participating in the 2015 Fun Run! The fun run is officially over. Please return to your classroom.” The announcement booms over our school. I was boiling hot, sweaty and oh boy did I want those icy-poles.  On Friday our whole school did a fun run.  The years 3-6 did a much longer course than the younger levels that ran around the oval (preps running on the inside and 1-2 on the normal oval). I ran 7 laps which is 3 and a half kilometers.  Each lap we ran we received a dot on our hand regarding how many laps we did, there is a picture of my hand on the left side.

CrAzY Cardboard Car Regatta

image“Eek!” I squealed through my smiling, gritted teeth. This was it, today was the day our school held the Cardboard Car Regatta to raise money for the RACV Energy Breakthrough team.  My team turned a normal cardboard box into a spectacular spacemobile, our class had to do it on space due to our inquiry unit, Our Amazing Earth.


The Big, Black Beanie

What is this large, black, um, beanie-like thing, and why is it in the gym? Then I found out it was actually the inflatable dome for our 45 minute session with STARLAB. STARLAB is a lesson for the years 4’s and 5’s based on our inquiry in term four (Our Amazing Earth). We sprinted over to the opening, took off our shoes and crawled inside. I gasped, this place was awesome. The dome had a projector inside and we were stunned to see a giant polar bear paw over us! We were given a short introduction by Nick and then, we began.

imageFirst, we just went over some of the things we already knew, but after that things got interesting. We learnt that although you think the sun is huge if you compare it to the largest known star in the universe(the UY Stuci) the sun is literally as big as 1 tiny pixel. Believe it or not, there are HEAPS of shapes, sizes and animals found in our constellation of stars. I learnt a lot this afternoon, and I hope you did too.

Deep Data Questions

Would you rather live in Gisborne or Melbourne?  Well, to me it would all come down to the temperature (weather) and the U.V ratings.  This week my class and I have discovered some interesting answers on some data questions about the weather.  We took some time filling in two weeks of weather then we recorded the temperatures on the Numbers app.  Finally we did some maths work and we found out the answers! It turns out Melbourne has both, highest U.V ratings and the highest temperature.  Here is the number work we did, click to enlarge:

Perfect Poppies, Remembrance Day

Today, the 11th day of the 11th month is Remembrance Day, this is the day whe we stop and remember, respect and honour those who fought for our countries freedom and happiness.  Here are some pictures of the activities we did:

Quirky Quotes

Hello again, this week my grade chose a quote to “unpack”, meaning find out the true meaning of that quote. My quote was about Melody’s pink wheelchair. Here is a small video I created about the quote:

Delightful Day and Napping Night

imageHave you ever wondered “What causes day and night?”, I know I definitely have. Well, it all depends on the positioning of the sun and the spin of the Earth. When we started this mini unit of What Causes Day and Night my class was asked to write what we think causes day and night, my understanding was correct.
As you (hopefully) know each 24 hours (a full day) the Earth spins and turns a full 360°. Well, in the first 12 hours only half of the Earth is facing the sun (receiving light), while the other half is not facing the sun and receiving darkness. Hopefully you understand this explanation of what causes day and night, I hope you learnt something!