The Sorrowful Story Of Tom Appleby

This term my class has been reading Tom Appleby Convict Boy. The story is based on the depressing life of Tom Appleby.  I do not want to spoil it but may I say this is one of the best and most sad books I have ever read.  Here is an extract:  “Pa didn’t move.  There was a new cut on his forehead where a rock had knifed the flesh away…The sightless eye stared at nothing.”

I highly recommend this book and hope that it will be a good ending. Here is a picture of the book:


PAC Day Fun

Yesterday the whole school were divided in the gym depending on what house they were in.  All of the houses sung their song and chanted their chant.  The judges whispered with straight faces and told the school the sequence of wins. Hurst came 4th, Galloway 3rd, Devlin 2nd while Lee came 1st! Here are some pictures:

Perplexing Paper Planes

Throughout the last few weeks of term we have focused our inquiry on a paper planes investigation.  Our challenge was to find out what was the best optimal design for a paper plane.  Surprisingly the answer is currently unknown.  We did a lot of mathematical work and watched a video conducted by Brian Collins.  Here are the results in my maths book:


image image image

Persuasive in Progress

Recently I have been working on my persuasive text based on… I need more pocket money! My task was to convince the reader that the chores young infants have to suffer to do are totally unreasonable! During this writing time I learnt quite a lot of things, including, emotional language, expert opinion, statistics and facts will all help me convince the reader.                      Here are the results:

image image


Exhilarating Easter Activity

Today my class met up with our buddies! As it is almost Easter (EEEK!!!) us grade fives had worked our backsides off to get a fun, creative and engaging Easter activity to do with the buddy class.  I chose to make a Easter bunny basket and a stain glass window egg! Here are the results:


Whimsical Writers Notebook Texts

Over the last few weeks all of the year fours have been working on a writers notebook text.  I completed my first one so I did a second one.  Here are the pieces of my texts, simply click to enlarge:

Interesting Inspiration

Today my class and I explored the website CP Australia. We each chose a story from the perspective of a friend, parent, grandparent or even somebody with cerebral palsy. I chose the story “A New Start For Katie” we were put on the job to discover the life message in the text. Click here for the story. Here is my slideshow based on my chosen story: