Recently the year sixes at my school have done a project regarding solar boats. I won’t go to into it too much because you’ll learn about it in a minute…Basically what we had to do is power a polystyrene boat with solar panels. Here is a link to a long (11 minute) book creator video: Click HERE

Cartoon Me!

Have you had a look at my sidebar? If you have then you’ve probably seen my avatar, right at the very top!  I made this using “Cartoonify” for the “Student Blogging Challenge” with Miss W. I think this avatar represents me because “she” looks like me, the background is my favourite colour and I would wear those clothes. Show me your avatar by commenting with your “Profile Picture”!

A Lesson In Photography!

My favourite year six spot

My favourite year prep spot

Just before recess today my class and 6A headed out of the classroom to take some photos.  We had previously learnt about the rule of thirds – which I will explain soon – before going out to find our two favourite places in the school ground from two different times, in prep and in year six.

The rule of thirds applies to any “interesting” photo and involves turning your camera into a 3×3 grid (9 squares) and focus on the intersecting lines, since that is where most people look first. Here are some of my photos: ⬆️