About Me

Hey Guys!

This is my about me page which contains a ’11 things you might not know about me’ and some of my hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc.

Here we go:

– Likes: sport, camping and travelling

– Dislikes: long car drives, insects and bugs

– Hobbies: playing netball, dancing and hanging out with friends and family

– My 11 facts:

1. I am a school leader

2. I love camping

3. I play netball

4. I am 152cm tall as of March 2017  ➡️ (credit opendoorsws.com)

5. I am in a family of five

6. I am the eldest of three

7. My favourite colour is teal

8. I LOVE inspirational quotes ➡️ (credit pinterest.com)

9. I have travelled around Australia

10. I love listening to “pop” music

11. I can play the guitar

Thanks for reading and let me know a fun fact about you in the comments!