The Cereal Box

Over the last 2-3 weeks all the year sixes at our school have been focussing on a “Cereal Box Project” on a famous Australian person that was around in the time period of 1901-1960. My person was named Clara “Decima” Norman. We had to write a biography, bibliography,  newspaper article, label and make little “artefacts”,  find photos and information on them, as well as designing a cereal box to put all of these things into! Here is some photos and a reflection on this project:

3 thoughts on “The Cereal Box

  1. Hey Chelsea
    I love your fact files, you’ve got a lot of amazing facts. I also love how you know all the facts off by heart! Well done

  2. Dear Chelsea
    Your reflection on Decima Norman was very interesting, I liked the way you had fact files and you had a very informative biography.
    From Ben

  3. Great job Chels I enjoyed reading your facts about Decima and the cool way you constructed your cereal box.

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