ANZAC Day Haiku Poem

In honour of the ANZACS that fought for our country my class each made a Haiku poem for tomorrow (ANZAC Day):

4 thoughts on “ANZAC Day Haiku Poem

    • Thanks Issy! Love the compliments but next time can you try and add some feedback too?
      Thanks again!

  1. Very clever Chelsea, I like the way you stretched your poem by including 2 haiku poems to create one larger poem.
    The last haiku is particularly good at conveying the emotion that would have been present when the families were saying goodbye and waiting for their boys to return.

    • Thanks Miss C!
      I had finished my first poem early so I made another one to add on. I was trying to “…convey the emotion…” of when the soldiers left and hope that that showed.
      Thanks again,

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