Cartoon Me!

Have you had a look at my sidebar? If you have then you’ve probably seen my avatar, right at the very top!  I made this using “Cartoonify” for the “Student Blogging Challenge” with Miss W. I think this avatar represents me because “she” looks like me, the background is my favourite colour and I would wear those clothes. Show me your avatar by commenting with your “Profile Picture”!

12 thoughts on “Cartoon Me!

  1. Hey Chelsea! My name is Avery and I’m from Ohio, USA.

    This is a really cool idea! I might do it for my profile picture (if I have the time). It’s currently a picture of St. Louis Cathedral. I snapped of photo of it when my school marching band that I’m in, went down to New Orleans to march in a parade for Mardi Gras. But maybe I can make an excuse to change it! Good job! Here is my blog site if you would like to see it:

    See ya!

    • Hi Noah!
      Thanks for the comment! How’s Adelaide!? It’s pretty rainy here in Melbourne right now but it’s previously been pretty hot! Can you give me a link to your blog (if you have one) in reply to this comment?

  2. Hey Chelsea! I love your avatar and I think she is really pretty. I used BitMoji for my avatar. That app is really fun to use and you should try it!!

    • Hey Hailey!
      Thanks for the comment! I tryed the BitMoji avatars but I thought that cartoonify suited me more! Please reply to this comment with a link to your blog because I would love to see your avatar too! Do you do the Student Blogging Challenge too? If so, what has been your favourite task this year?

  3. Hi Chelsea,
    Its Lily from
    Thank you so much for the wonderful comment on my blog. we have so much in common. I love teal, making music and dancing. I will definitely come back to your blog. I hope it is ok that I am putting you in my blogroll and I am writing a blog post about 4 blogs I visited and I am putting yours in. I hope we can comment more

    • Hi Lily!
      I love those things too but I am currently injured so no dancing for me at the moment…Anyway on a brighter note I’ll make sure to comment on your blog and see what you’ve been up to!

    • Hey Hunter!
      Thanks for the comment but make sure you don’t post you last name while commenting! If you have a blog can you send me your URL in reply to this comment?

    • Hey Savaj,
      Thanks for commenting! What things do you think we have in common? Are you an international commenter? I’m Australian! I don’t really think of my self as a funny person but…!

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