Cartoon Me!

Have you had a look at my sidebar? If you have then you’ve probably seen my avatar, right at the very top!  I made this using “Cartoonify” for the “Student Blogging Challenge” with Miss W. I think this avatar represents me because “she” looks like me, the background is my favourite colour and I would wear those clothes. Show me your avatar by commenting with your “Profile Picture”!

6 thoughts on “Cartoon Me!

  1. Hey Chelsea! My name is Avery and I’m from Ohio, USA.

    This is a really cool idea! I might do it for my profile picture (if I have the time). It’s currently a picture of St. Louis Cathedral. I snapped of photo of it when my school marching band that I’m in, went down to New Orleans to march in a parade for Mardi Gras. But maybe I can make an excuse to change it! Good job! Here is my blog site if you would like to see it:

    See ya!

    • Hi Noah!
      Thanks for the comment! How’s Adelaide!? It’s pretty rainy here in Melbourne right now but it’s previously been pretty hot! Can you give me a link to your blog (if you have one) in reply to this comment?

  2. Hey Chelsea! I love your avatar and I think she is really pretty. I used BitMoji for my avatar. That app is really fun to use and you should try it!!

    • Hey Hailey!
      Thanks for the comment! I tryed the BitMoji avatars but I thought that cartoonify suited me more! Please reply to this comment with a link to your blog because I would love to see your avatar too! Do you do the Student Blogging Challenge too? If so, what has been your favourite task this year?

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