This week I was very busy participating in Coach Approach, playing Lacrosse in 5/6 sport,listening to Karlana Kasarik’s writing lecture, breaking my wrist in netball and working in class.  In Coach Approach on Friday we played Lacrosse, Hockey, HipHop, Frisbee, Touch Footy and Circus.  They were all heaps of fun but my broken scafoyd bone kept my exercise limited.  On Thursday we played a big game of Lacrosse with the class in 5/6 sport with Mr A. Again my wrist stopped me from playing the game.   Also on Thursday a young adults author (Karlana Kasarik) visited our school. She gave us an hour long talk about her writing passion and some story tips. In Coach Approach Hip Hop was my favourite and was heaps of fun. At the end all of the classes met back in the gym and got signatures from the athletes. This week was really fun!

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