Debonair Bookfair

image*Flip, flip* Oh sorry I was too busy reading “Wonder” by R.J Palacio.  It’s about a ten year old boy August who suffers from a facial abnormality.  It features the life of August and his friends, enemies and siblings.  Some of the perspectives include August (boy), Olivia (Via, sister), Jack Will (friend), Justin (friend) and in some limited editions you may also get August’s enemy, The Julian Chapter!  Click on the picture and explore the website➡️!




2 thoughts on “Debonair Bookfair

  1. Hi Chelsea,

    Good job with your picture tag. I love your sizzling start. Maybe you could but the picture link below.

    From Scott.

  2. Hi Chelsea,
    I liked how you started off your reflection on your book. I liked how your picture changes. Maybe you could put the link in case the picture link doesn’t work.

    From Xavier

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