Me In A Minute

We have (finally) finished our third and final Me In A Minute. After completion we calculated the class’ Mean, Median and Mode, photo below.  We have greatly  improved on everything except for squats where we dropped by 3.7. We beat our Train Track Jumps by 33 and also beat our Target balls by almost double (9.10 – 20.58). Glad that we are done!

Me in a Minute (2)

After redoing our Me In a Minute activities I have come up with the results from the second round. Unfortunately I couldn’t do pushups or burpees because I’ve fractured my finger. I beat my running distance by two metres (246m) and I have decided to change my pushups goal to doing more star jumps. I will achieve this by practicing at home. Here is my updated sheet:

Me In A Minute

Last Wednesday all of the year sixes participated in “Me In A Minute”. We had a sheet of physical exercises that we had to fill out with how many we did in one minute. We did this to learn about ourselves and focus on our physical health which is part of our Mighty Me Inquiry for this term. Above and to the left is a photo of my sheet, that holds my estimates and my results. Pushups were really difficult, which is what I expected but I was surprised by how many burpees I did which was good.  My goals are to get better at pushups (obviously) and run further around the oval.

I’m aiming to achieve these by:

– Pushups – practising, getting more upper body strength by training and asking people in the grade that did well.

– Running Around The Oval – research techniques to run faster and practise, train

The Cereal Box

Over the last 2-3 weeks all the year sixes at our school have been focussing on a “Cereal Box Project” on a famous Australian person that was around in the time period of 1901-1960. My person was named Clara “Decima” Norman. We had to write a biography, bibliography,  newspaper article, label and make little “artefacts”,  find photos and information on them, as well as designing a cereal box to put all of these things into! Here is some photos and a reflection on this project: